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Kids In Kenya is a charity to help provide a better life now and in the future for the children of the village of Kikambala. What we will achieve will not only improve the quality of life for these children as they grow up, it will help provide them with a better education and general starting point to give them the best possible opportunity for a prosperous future. We are laying the foundations for the village to offer a better life for many generations to come.

We are a little bit different; of course we have fundraising events and are very grateful for donations made or gifts received which can help us with our fund-raising efforts. But we also offer people to opportunity to personally make a difference, to take part in our projects in person, meet the children and work amongst them to help improve their lives for the immediate and long-term future.

Myself and my wife Daisy honeymooned in Mombasa, Kenya. Whilst we were out there we visited Kikambala village and were shocked by the conditions that the children have to live, play and learn in.

We couldn’t believe the absolute lack of resources, even down to the most basic such as not having nappies for the babies or cutlery to eat with.

We were touched by their plight and made a monetary donation to the school but we didn’t feel that this was enough. We were inspired by some of the work that others do out in Africa and decided that we would do something more for the children.

The church with 1 room is too small and the building is just inadequate so I began putting my skills as a builder into use! We regularly returned to the village to help with construction and from there it has developed with our visits becoming more frequent and longer. Back home we have put together initiatives to raise funds to purchase much needed supplies for the villagers, such as school uniforms, books, blackboards etc.

It occurred to us that we are not alone in our desire to make a real difference to these children’s lives and to have a hands-on involvement in improving their circumstances and from that we have begun to invite people to travel with us on our visits to help us with the construction and other work, to meet the villagers, have a first hand experience of life over there and of course, have some free time to enjoy what Kenya has to offer.

This is 3 of 6 classrooms that we are building. Each classroom is around 6m by 9m.

If you like more details on the work we do, call me 07979544068 or even how you would like to help.

If you feel like you can help in any way per month, here are the details; we have people even donating as small as £2 a month, every little bit helps.

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